By purchasing this set of instructions, you get:
  • Complete set of instructions in PDF format.

After purchasing the instructions with Paypal, you’ll receive the intructions through a mail which is sent to your paypal-Email-address within 24 hours of the purchase.

The instructions

  • The instructions include detailed 2D steps showing you how to build the model.
  • Featuring proper sub-builds showing you how to build smaller parts of the model, which then is added as a unit to the main model.
  • Detailed instructions for how to arrange and connect the electronic components.

It is in PDF format, and can easily be opened on a smartphone, tablet, computer or even on a TV if you like.

The parts list

  • The parts list can be downloaded here for free: Parts list

It is in XML format, which means you can easily enter it into Bricklink’s system, and order all the parts needed to build the model.

The XML parts list lists the model with Light gray detailing, and no 3D printed parts.

Buying the Lego® parts for the model

  • Use the XML-file parts list to create a shopping list at

laptop bricklink

  • Or buy all parts at once from me. I have 3 different packages of parts, including different amounts of items. All packages includes instructions, a basic set of all parts you need (With Light gray detailing), and one SBrick.
    You can also choose to include Chrome detailing instead of Light gray, and painted or unfinished 3D printed wheels. 
    See the prices in the stats below.

Skärmklipp 2

Contact me to order any of these packages, or a fully customized package if you so like.

Any questions or wonderings?

Ask me here!